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Home Electrical Repair

Your home is one of the most important assets you have. It’s where you spend time with family and friends and it’s the place you lay your head every night. When something’s not right at your home, you want it fixed immediately. When it comes to your electrical needs, lean on 45 plus years of experience and a team that does the right thing for you, the customer. You deserve to have your home electricity working properly and at the best possible cost. To ensure this, we at Rely-On Electric, walk you through the following 3-Step path:

1. Trouble Shoot the Problem

We start by inspecting the situation to identify the root cause of the problem. Once the root cause is identified, we will have two options:

  • Repair the existing electrical and lighting within the home, or
  • Replace the existing electrical in the home.

2. Repair if Possible – We always try to Repair if at all possible.

The reason for this is that we are committed to doing what is right for the customer. This means giving the customer the best solution for the best price. If a repair is possible, it will typically save you anywhere from 50% – 75% versus a replacement. You will feel great knowing that your home is electrically safe and that you didn’t have to pay an arm and a leg to get it done.

  • We always talk through all options with our customers after the initial audit/inspection, and take time to explain and answer questions in a way that you can understand. Once you have this knowledge, you will typically have a feeling for the direction that you want to go with your electrical service. We will respect your final decision, and perform exceptional work so that you are thrilled with the finished product.

3. Replace if Repair is not Possible

If a repair is not possible (or not preferred), we will perform an electrical replacement service. You will have decision points with a replacement service that we will walk through together.

Examples of When a Repair is Not Possible:

  • The original electrical is outdated, or so far out of code that a repair is not possible
  • The original parts used are no longer available to purchase
  • The original electrical provides a danger to the house and to your family

If we have to go the replacement route, take confidence that our team knows all the ins and outs of all the local codes. We have done over 600 remodels, have built homes and commercial buildings from the ground up, we have done over 11,000 replacement electrical services, and more than 28,000 repairs over the last 45 years. In addition, our owner Bruce Kaselitz has serves as an Electrical Inspector for several communities in southeast Michigan. Bruce is a Master Electrician, and is one of the last electricians with “knob and tube” knowledge. Bruce, one of the last electricians with experience in knob and tube, can help you if you are in a older home with old wiring.

When you don't know who to trust, Rely On Electric!